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What Electric Vehicle Chargers Does Gregor Supply?

At Gregor Heating, we only work with leading manufacturers. That’s why our preferred brands for supply and installing specialised chargers are:

Myenergi Zappi


Solar Edge


Myenergi Zappi Electric Vehicle Charger

The Zappi charger from British renewable energy product manufacturer Myenergi is the UK’s best-selling electric vehicle charger.

The Zappi was the first electric vehicle charger ever produced to provide solar-charging functionality, and is particularly recommended if you have a Solar PV system at your home or commercial property. It can also be used in connection with private wind turbines.

This is because it comes with modes called eco and eco+, which allow it to use any spare solar or wind energy you are currently generating to recharge your electric vehicle without the need for the mains.

In eco+ mode, its charging power adapts depending on the amount of electricity being generated and the amount being consumed by other electrical devices in your home or on your premises.

In eco mode, it prioritises charging from renewable sources but tops this up with mains power, running at a continuous minimum of 1.4kW from all sources combined. This helps to ensure that your vehicle reaches a full charge in time to meet your next driving needs.

Even if you don’t have a Solar PV system or private wind turbine, the Zappi still works from mains power as a very effective FAST electric vehicle charger. If you have an Economy 7 or Economy 11 electricity meter, then you can also programme it to charge only at times when the cheaper tariff is active by using the downloadable Myenergi app.

The Zappi is available in two models which have different maximum power levels. The standard model runs at 7kw on standard domestic power, and the high-powered model runs at up to 22kw but requires a dedicated three-phase power supply. Both models are available in two variants for use with untethered and Type 2 tethered connectors, and in a choice of black and white finishes.

For full details of how the system works, please download the product brochure, datasheet and manual below.

ROLEC Electric Vehicle Chargers

ROLEC is a company based in Boston, Lincolnshire, that has specialised in the manufacture of outdoor electrical products for over 30 years. Among its many products is a wide range of electric vehicle chargers, ranging from domestic ones to very heavy-duty ones intended for commercial charging stations.

Its range of domestic and workplace electric vehicle chargers is called the Wallpod, and comes in several different configurations whose key points are detailed below.

The WallPod: EV is the standard unit offering Mode 3 FAST charging. It is available to suit three different connections: Type 1, Type 2 tethered, and Type 2 socket. For each of these, 3.6kW and 7.2kW charging speeds are offered.

The WallPod: EV MultiMode offers all the same options as the WallPod:EV but has a handy dual purpose, doubling up as an outdoor IP65-rated 13-amp domestic socket.

The WallPod: EV HomeSmart is a WallPod: EV fitted with remote control capability using a dedicated free mobile app, and is the model Rolec now particularly recommends to home users. It is available in a wide range of colours to suit all tastes. The app can be configured to charge only at times of night when Economy 7 charges are in force so the costs of electricity are reduced.

The WallPod: EV Superfast takes three-phase power and is therefore likely to be more suitable for workplaces that have a 3-phase circuit. The advantage is that it runs at much faster charging speeds than domestic electrical circuitry would allow, with 11kW and 22kW models available.

The WallPod: EV SolarCharge is a Mode 3 FAST electric vehicle charger designed to use solar power generated at your home or on your premises. It gives a choice of charging by solar power only, or by solar power and the national grid combined. This means that you can charge your vehicle more quickly if solar-only charging would take too long to get it ready for your next journey. It is available in 3.6kW and 7.2kW models.

The WallPod: EV Ready provides more basic (Mode 2) 2kW vehicle-charging capability. It is a budget-conscious unit aimed at property developers who need to meet up-to-date planning regulations. It can be upgraded by homeowners to offer FAST charging. Like the MultiMode model, it also doubles up as an outdoor IP65-rated 13-amp socket.

Solar Edge Electric Vehicle Chargers

SolarEdge Technologies (UK) Ltd. is a company based in Cambridgeshire that produces a specialised car charger containing a solar inverter, allowing you to recharge your electric car battery either directly from your solar PV system or from the combination of solar PV power and national grid power. The product is called the Solar Edge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter., Rated at 99% energy efficiency, it is available in four different models, whose maximum AC power consumption from the national grid ranges from 3.68kW to 6kW, as follows:

  • Solar Edge SE3680H: 3.68kW
  • Solar Edge SE4000H: 4kW
  • Solar Edge SE5000H: 5kW
  • Solar Edge SE6000H: 6kW

The company is proud of the reliability of its product, backing it up with an industry-leading minimum 12-year warranty.

The way the unit works, however much grid power you want to use within the limits allowed by the model you have can be topped up with DC power from your solar PV system, to give you up to 7.4kW of combined grid and solar power, making for rapid charging capabilities at full power.

You can remotely monitor and control your charger’s consumption of both grid energy and solar power using a downloadable mobile app called the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform. This also allows you to schedule the device to use grid energy only during off-peak hours when Economy 7 prices are available from your electricity supply company.

For full details about the Solar Edge Electric Vehicle Charger, please download below the product flyer, brochure, datasheet, manual, quick guide (including charging instructions), and notes on charging and scheduling options using the app. 

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There is much valuable information on the website of the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) of the UK government here, including information on government grants available towards the cost of new electric vehicles

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