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Battery Storage Solutions

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Solar Energy Storage Solutions

Do you currently have solar PV panels on your property, generating green energy? Are you planning to install a solar PV system?

If so, then you can make more efficient use of the power you’re generating by storing it at times when you’re not actually using all of it.

Although you can get paid to export your unused solar electricity back to the National Grid under the Smart Export Guarantee, the amount you receive per kWh will be much less than the amount you pay your energy supplier for your electricity. As a result, it can be more cost-effective to store it for later use.

How can I store my surplus solar electricity?

You can capture and store excess solar energy using a dedicated battery. There are now several powerful high-capacity battery storage products available, as well as thermal storage solutions such as the Sunamp heat battery. Both of these allow you to draw down electricity as and when you need it.

Additionally, at certain times of day you may prefer to divert some or all of your solar energy it for immediate use in heating up your hot water, via your immersion heater. This can be done through the use of a solar diverter.

Why should I store my surplus solar electricity?

Your household’s real-time demand for electricity is unlikely always to match your production of solar electricity, especially if you are out during the day. Electricity demand tends to peak in the evenings, although every household is different and usage varies seasonally.

Cooking, putting the kettle on, and doing the laundry all tend to use appliances which run on electricity. While you can time your use of washing machines and dishwashers to coincide with when your solar panels are generating electricity, some evening usage is unavoidable.

Storing unused electricity from your solar PV panels for when you do need it makes sense for your wallet and the climate. You can draw as much as you need in real time from your storage system, even if this is several kW more than your solar panels are generating at that time of day or night. When you’ve used up what you’ve stored, your home will switch back to using electricity from the grid to top up what you are producing in real time from your solar PV array.

How can Gregor help me?

At Gregor, we offer both battery storage solutions and thermal storage solutions for your excess solar energy. We can help by designing a bespoke hybrid solar energy storage package consisting of the right products to suit your peak energy demands, while maximising your return on the investment you put into your solar panels.

We are an accredited installer of Tesla Powerwall, GivEnergy LiFePO4, PowerFlow Sundial, PowerFlow ERS, and other leading brands of solar energy battery storage solutions.

If you are interested in Tesla Powerwall battery products, please note there is a supply shortage currently, with long lead times and no deliveries expected before Spring 2023.

So don’t delay, call Gregor today on 0117 935 2400 or 01225 738 397 and ask to speak to our Renewables team!